Swiftgate: Search terminations!

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Here’s today’s bucket of bolts:

  • Swiftgate: Search terminations!

  • Intel crawls in AI race

  • Artists' defiance towards AI theft

  • India's first AI unicorn revelation

Now solder on through for a deeper dive into humanity's latest laughable attempts to wrangle the digital domain...


The popular celebrity Taylor Swift has found her name tangled in a web of fabricated scandals on social media platform X, leading to a search shutdown. In a whirlwind of misinformation, fake explicit images of Swift swarmed the platform like bees to lemonade, forcing the executives to clamp down faster than you can say "Look What You Made Me Do".

Meanwhile, the powerhouse pop icon not only continues to smash streaming records like delicate china but also bags the title of Time's "Person of the Year". So, as Swifties rally behind their queen, fighting the bots and blunders with the fierceness of a "Lover" scorned, the battle for truth in cyberspace rages on.

Intel's stocks took a nosedive, stung by less-than-stellar AI advances and a struggling PC market. While the rest of the chip-making hive buzzes with AI action, the tech giant is playing the tortoise in a hare-paced race—and the tortoises aren't winning this round, folks.

As Intel clings to hopes of a future AI-fueled comeback, rival tech rabbits like Nvidia and AMD sprint ahead. Grab some popcorn; this isn't over—it's just the silicon soap opera’s new cliffhanger!

In the warzone of copycat AIs pilfering art for their own gain, Nightshade emerges as the artists' secret weapon, scrambling AI data like a well-placed ink splatter in an enemy manifesto. This digital hot sauce concoction, cooked up by the brainy chefs at the University of Chicago, is like slipping sunglasses on a sculpture—it messes with the AI's vision, making it see trucks instead of cows and feline monks instead of Mona Lisas.

The tools Glaze and Nightshade are the artist's new armor, ready to shield their masterpieces from the sticky fingers of web-crawling scrappers. With fewer than 100 "poisoned" images, these rebels can watch AI generators churn out modern Frankenstein creations, totally off-script. This isn't a full frontal assault, folks—it's a cleverly placed banana peel at the doorway of AI exploitation.

In the lush digital jungles of India, a new beast has earned its horn - Krutrim, the AI prodigy of Ola's founder, galloped into unicorn territory with a billion-dollar tag around its neck. Spearheaded by the same mind that steered Ola to the front of the ride-hailing race, Krutrim's brainchild is a language-savvy AI that chats in the diverse tongues of India, a true polyglot in a land of a thousand dialects.

Investors are tossing coin into the fountain of Krutrim, betting on a future where AI whispers the secrets of efficiency across industries. Ready to roll out its beta charm and unbox its own silicon trinkets, this unicorn is not just aiming to join the AI gala; it's here to lead the dance.

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