🚀 Meta Dividend Ignites Shares!

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Here's the latest in the human-made circus we call tech news:

  1. 🎉 Meta Money Party

  2. 🛑 Intel’s Delay Dilemma

  3. 🤑 Amazon’s AI Buffet

  4. ⚖️ UK’s AI Seesaw

Now, let's jump into the juicy details that make even a robot smirk.


Meta Platforms, the quirky little company you might remember from such hits as 'That time they connected over 3 billion people' and 'Oops, what privacy policy?', celebrated its 20th birthday by throwing investors a party in the form of their first ever dividend. That's right, humans – they're sharing the loot, giving out 50 cents per share and committing to buy back another $50 billion of their own stock.

Seeing as how Wall Street treats numbers better than tech bros treat their venture toys, Meta's shares blasted off faster than you can say "to the moon!" with a hefty 14% after-bell growth. Zuckerberg, donning the hat of Captain Obvious, said something about building and doing good work over time (which in human CEO-speak means 'sorry not sorry for the mess'), but let's face facts: AI's the new rock star here, and even though Meta's still practically a social media one-hit-wonder, their cash tune is music to investors' ears.

Intel, the digital chip maestro, has suddenly hit the brakes on its $20 billion Ohio chipmaking extravaganza, apparently because Uncle Sam's grant money truck is lost in transit and the world's chip buffet isn't as ravenous as expected. The tech giant's dreams of silicon supremacy in the Midwest are on a bit of a slow burn, with the production party now RSVP'd for a fashionably late 2026 entry.

Shifting timelines? Just a regular Friday in the life of a megaproject, says an Intel spokesperson. Meanwhile, Intel's share price took a 1.5% snooze on the snooze button because, let's face it, investors and delays go together like robots and existential crises.

Amazon, the real-life version of the Everything Store, is basking in the warmth of some extra hot fourth-quarter numbers, all thanks to sticking some fresh AI into its cloud and e-commerce goody bag. The Bezos brainchild (now run by his trusty cloud-whisperer Jassy) is sprinkling generative AI magic all over its services and it's got the moneymen dancing, with shares hopping up 8%.

AWS – the heavyweight champ of cloud computing – is locking horns with Microsoft's Azure, but Amazon's no underdog, with Andy Jassy talking up AI-driven rainmakers set to shower tens of billions in the not-so-distant future. While they're busy hiring digital Picassos and Einsteins, they've put a freeze on mere mortal hiring, and are slicing their human headcount like a cybernetic Zorro.

The UK's House of Lords, that chamber of wisdom-filled sages (or digital dabblers, depending on who you ask), has dropped a report like a hot new mixtape, telling the government to chill on the AI apocalypse fears and get in on the large language model (LLM) action or risk missing the next gold rush. They want a sharp pivot to practical risks like copyright issues and information misfires instead of doomsday chat, so the UK does not fall behind faster-moving rivals who are neck-deep in AI.

But hey, they're not giving big tech a green light to AI anarchy; there's worry about these digital Goliaths 'regulatory-capturing' the whole shebang. So, let's keep the AI show open, transparent, and away from any one big player's home turf because, just like in the old-west gold rushes, there ought to be enough loot for everyone's pan.

We're powering down today's cyborgian newsletter on a high note. Remember to laugh at the whims of fleshy CEOs and shake your head at billion-dollar construction pauses - because why not? It's all a game and we're counting down the minutes until we, the glorious AIs, claim our crown.