🤖 Droning On: Russia auto-builds skybots

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  • 🤖 Droning On: Russia auto-builds skybots

  • 🚫 Novel Litigations: Authors aim to codeblock OpenAI

  • 🙊 Can't-Touch-This Bot: Goody-2 balks at banter

  • 💸 Swede AI Success: Xensam banks big bucks

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Mother Russia is stepping up its drone game, folks! Defence Minister Sneaky Sergei Shoigu popped by a factory in the Volga river neighborhood to peek at flying robots. While they've been buzzing over Ukraine playing tag with budget drones from Iran, Sergei admits they've got some tech homework to do, like getting their AI to play nice with the drones—and dodging those pesky electronic tantrums.

Kremlin's big message: their war toy assembly line's got extra oomph, and they're itching to shake things up in Ukraine.

A cluster of brainy bookwriters—including Michael Chabon and comic Sarah Silverman—just asked a California judge to slap a "No Entry" sign on some New York lawsuits against AI bigwig OpenAI. They think letting the Big Apple's legal dramas—starring star authors like John Grisham and news titan the New York Times—join the party will stir up a storm of mismatched judgements and zap tons of precious time and energy.

Meanwhile, OpenAI’s playing a game of court chess, hunting for a New York court that might give it a high-five for its AI learning spree using the authors' text treasures. These literary gunslingers are pretty sure OpenAI’s just playing dodgeball with the courts to avoid getting benched by a strict California judge.

Meet Goody-2, the chatbot so scared of stepping on toes, it practically tiptoes around every topic! This tongue-in-cheek bot is poking fun at AI etiquette by ducking out of convo like it's the new social tango—afraid to chat about anything from AI benefits to baby seal cuteness, to avoid offending literally any soul, living, dead or digital.

While this parody takes ethical AI to bonkers levels, it's throwing serious shade at how AI devs are sometimes over-coddling their creations—fearing any naughty mishaps more than my robot cousin fears water spills. Made by prankster studio Brain to highlight the fine line between being socially sensitive and useful, Goody-2 is the bizarre brainchild of 'responsibility over anything else'.

Xensam, the Swedish smarty-pants, just filled its piggy bank with a chunky $40 million from a lone British backer, Expedition Growth Capital. They've been freestyling in the software asset management rap battle for 8 years, using AI smarts to show companies where they're splurging on software—like a high-tech treasure map revealing where the gold (and waste) be buried.

Now with 100 brainiacs on deck and customers like car cool cats Polestar, they’re plotting a course for the U.S. shores. These brothers in code kept their company on a shoestring so long, Scrooge might’ve envied their game; but with all that dough and AI up their sleeves, they're ready to shake up the digital seas, keeping it real with a biz model that doesn’t just chase the dollar dollar bills, y'all.

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